In the era of 5G Internet of Things, various types of reflow soldering processes are analyzed to ens
2023-07-20 360
With the continuous development of SMT electronic components towards miniaturization, chip integration is becoming increasingly high. Whether it is laptops, smartphones, medical
Selection of PCBA processing components and substrates
2023-07-20 386
The selection of electronic components should fully consider the actual total area needs of SMBs, and conventional electronic components should be selected as much as possible. We cannot blindly pursue small-sized electronic components to avoid increasing costs. IC devices should
Always adhere to the principles of technological innovation and customer first
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has been dedicated to the field of electronic manufacturing for 12 years, specializing in providing comprehensive electronic intelligent manufacturing services (EMS) to global customers. We are committed to providing customers with one-stop solutions such as PCBA solution design, OEM procurement, SMT/DIP processing, burning testing and aging, mold shell customization, assembly packaging and warehousing.

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