Five Fields Of Actual Combat Cases
Smart home category

2018:Production and after-sales solutions for hotel smart home equipment for a domestic large-scale group

Automotive electronics category

2019:European market, providing charging equipment and solutions for new energy vehicles

Medical and health category

2020:South American market, providing hardware and software development and design solutions in the medical equipment field

Industrial control category

2021: Providing research and development design optimization solutions in the industrial Internet of Things field for a domestic large-scale group

Automation robots category

2022:Provide customers with control section production solutions in the field of automated robots

Customer Reviews

"Manufacturing is a complex and crucial part of our business. With your assistance and cooperation, our company can respond to the market quickly with stable and high-quality products at the front end of production. Thank you."


"Our order quantity may not be large, but every order is treated with serious responsibility. With your professional technical expertise and streamlined processes, you meticulously confirm every detail and deliver the products to us promptly."


"After experiencing the supply shortage in 2021, I deeply realized the importance of strategic partners. In such a challenging period, you helped us solve many problems, including shortages and significant price increases. You provided us with multiple alternative solutions, free demos, and necessary data for validation. It allowed us to quickly respond and increase our production capacity within the required time frame, while effectively managing the cost increase. This gave us an advantage over our competitors during bidding."


"We have been cooperating for nearly 10 years, and the products we produce have never had any quality issues. The response time is also very fast. No company can survive in the world solely based on low prices without good quality. Keep up the good work!"

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