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We provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions encompassing PCB design, OEM/ODM manufacturing, SMT/DIP assembly, programming, testing, aging, mold customization, final assembly, packaging, and warehousing. This vertical integration enables us to optimize quality, costs, and delivery times. Our capabilities support a diverse range of high-tech industries including photovoltaics, energy storage, automotive, security, defense, telecom, medical devices, industrial automation, robotics, data centers and mobile computing.With stringent quality assurance and continuous improvementacross the product lifecycle, we aim to be the premier manufacturing services provider for companies pushing the boundaries of innovation. Our technical expertise, nimble operations and customer focus empower us to deliver exceptional value.
What Can We Offer
Electronic Design
Our team of professional engineers are highly skilled in electronic design, with extensive expertise in PCB layout, power electronics, embedded systems, and other critical areas.
PCB Fabrication& Assembly PCB
With state-of-the-art SMT and THT production lines, and assemblers with proven apabilities, we offer PCB fabrication and assembly services - from simple to highly complex designs.
Raw Material Procurement,Supply Chain Management
Leveraging the aggregate demand across our key client base, we optimize supply chain processes and procurement channels. By centralizing purchasing efforts, we work to decrease procurement costs for clients while saving them time.
Box Build Assembly
We provide full electrical and mechanical box build assembly services tailored to each customer's specifications, saving them both time and costs.
Cable & Wire Harness Assembly
With proven expertise, we handle all types of cabling and wiring, assembling standard and customized cable harnesses.
Testing and Inspection
Utilizing advanced inspection methods - including functional testing, automatic optical inspection, X-ray imaging, and more - we validate that every product meets or exceeds expectations for quality and performance.
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"All orders have no minimum order quantity. We can provide support from samples to large quantities. The first order can include free production of 2-3 sample pieces with no processing fee. Resistors and capacitors are also provided free of charge. Chips are charged based on demand."

Product Showcase
Wellsun is committed to providing customers with one-stop solutions including PCBA solution design, OEM/ODM services, SMT/DIP processing, programming, testing, aging, mold customization, assembly, packaging, and warehousing.
Our manufacturing capabilities support a wide range of high-tech industries, including automotive electronics, smart home devices, industrial IoT, security systems, robotics, energy storage, healthcare technology, and communications.

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