Selection of PCBA processing components and substrates
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1、 Selection of electronic components

The selection of electronic components should fully consider the actual total area needs of SMBs, and conventional electronic components should be selected as much as possible. We cannot blindly pursue small-sized electronic components to avoid increasing costs. IC devices should pay attention to pin shape and spacing, and carefully consider QFPs with pin spacing less than 0.5mm. It is better to directly choose BGA packaged devices. In addition, the packaging form of electronic components, end electrode size, PCB solderability, reliability of SMT devices, and temperature tolerance (such as whether they can adapt to the needs of lead-free soldering) should all be considered.

After selecting electronic components, a database of electronic components must be established, including relevant information on installation dimensions, pin sizes, and SMT manufacturers.

2、 Selection of Plate

The substrate should be selected based on the usage conditions and mechanical and electrical equipment characteristics of SMB; Determine the number of copper clad foil surfaces (single sided, double-sided, or multi-layer SMB) of the substrate based on the SMB structure; Determine the thickness of the substrate plate based on the size of the SMB and the mass of electronic components carried per unit area. The cost of different types of materials varies greatly. When selecting SMB substrates, factors such as electrical equipment characteristics, Tg (glass transition temperature), CTE, flatness, and the ability and price of pore metallization should be considered.

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